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To empower students to make lifelong, responsible and meaningful choices in a global and dynamic world.

Our Mission

We look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the students, parents, schools, community and the nation.

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India's no.1 and only Career Counseller, who works for Career strategy only.

  • Thousands of career service article has been published in national news papers
  • Various career interviews has broadcasted on TV & all india radio
  • Writer of various career books.
  • Thousand students are getting benefit of our Counselling.

  • More About Dr. Kumar

    Sanjeevani Career Guidance and Counselling

    Sanjeevani career guidance and Counselling has been serving as an outstanding Counselling organization for the last decade. Established in March 2005 to guide numerous people on the path of growth and groom up to their lives through Counselling.

    All age group of people today have their diverse perspectives and grasp for attention to express themselves and their talent out. Out traditional methods and diverse mentalities become a hurdle in the path of aspiring students or even professionals. Sanjeevani career guidance and counselling has thus made a platform to listen to such personalities and let them handle their dilemma effectively. As a result, they turn out to be the best among the group with parking results in emotional as well as academic tests.

    We have an excellent team of Corporate Trainers, Psychologists, and Career counsellors who are endorsed by our research and support to ensure the comprehensive satisfaction of the client with our optimal quality services.

    Career Counselling online

    Career Counselling online

    What makes Career Counselling online essential for students?

    Students today suffer a lot of crises in their schooling years to move ahead in their careers. Either they showcase a behavior they are not familiar with or discern a huge gap in their previous and recurring tests. The effect glimpsed in the students’ behavior can be due to various reasons. Sanjeevani as a career Counselling online for the students rectify the issue faced by students and also guide them to overcome what they are going through.

    Students in such catastrophes seek someone who not only listens to them but also understands their situation without being judgmental. Getting a rough map of what they wish to acquire, our team guided them to a career effective path that can lead them to satisfaction as well without going through any mental dilemma. Satisfaction is the key to a successful career and if students are satisfied with their career it can earn them optimal success.

    Get a Career Counselling service online to lessen your burden

    With many career guiding counsellors accessible providing free services lag in one or the other way. In today’s time, career Counselling is a fact that needs not be overseen. Students are attracted to enormous career options in their growing years, but this becomes crucial to guide them through the rightful path.

    Sanjeevani as a career Counselling service provider online understands the urgency to guide students to the most precise path. Delivering the unbiased guidance path, we strive to understand the expectations of the students and guide them to the most effective path of a successful career keeping their admirations into consideration.

    Many agencies offering free services, divert students towards the institutes with whom they have collaboration. We a career Counselling services infer the importance of career guidance and thus lead the students on the path most suitable for them concerning their passion, likes, and future career prospects.

    Career Counselling online

    Career Counselling online

    Optimal Career Counselling online in India by Sanjeevani

    India being a vast country with variable career options to choose from and with limited admission intake accessible to the students makes it difficult to decide the most suitable career path. Sanjeevani a career Counselling service provider in India guides students regarding all the ups and downs that may come across. The idea of all the upcoming hurdles makes them well- prepared for the forthcoming.

    As a Counselling agency, we work to assist students to gain umpteenth confidence and insight about all the windfalls and downfalls of the related stream. Prior knowledge is the best way to let students attain better confidence to tackle the decided career path. The clarity of career path and every detail related to the same helps students to sink in all the essential information heeding to their desired career. Clarity helps to accomplish more certainty towards the belief of choosing the desired career path and proceed further.

    Get the most effective Career guidance in India online

    Sanjeevani doesn’t work on assumptions but facts. We have assisted a large range of the population to pursue a career that may seem impossible for a student but they have discerned extraordinary results in the same. We work based on our expertise, 5-Dimensional Assessments, and acquired intelligence Assessments approved by excellent psychologists. These techniques offer an accuracy of more than 95%.

    Sanjeevani career guidance in India online work based on the empathy levels of the students. The career counsellors at our services conduct a one on one interaction with the client to procure the best possible services and guidance at ease. Being accessible online makes it’s quite susceptible for you to decide and move ahead in your career path as a student. Each session takes the student more attracted towards the desired career choice with more transparency and enthusiasm towards the chosen career path.

    Career Counselling online

    Career Counselling online

    Get the best Online career Counselling after the 10th standard

    Completion of secondary education is remarked as a turning point in a student's career. Numerous students are confused regarding their further education and the relative stream to choose that can not only lead them to success but also complements their zeal. With varied streams accessible to the students, confusion is mandatory.

    We at Sanjeevani counsel students to rectify their passion, skills, and abilities to contemplate their future aspirations. Our professionals guide students through online career Counselling after 10thby amending their desires and suggesting to them the best career options. We study student's personality traits and their field of interest through various tests, which are well-known for accuracy and guide students through their future career prospects.

    We make students aware of all the druthers they will be rewarded with while choosing a stream. This benefits students to opt for the most suitable career option with the best selective possible.

    Aid your child with Online career Counselling after the 12th standard

    Students after their intermediate studies face a huge barrier when they look back to their progress. Some see an extraordinary rise while some face a downfall. These ups and downs in the career graph can be the reason for demoralization or overconfidence which may result in long-term issues.

    Sanjeevani as an online career Counselling agency for 12th standard students understands this crisis completely and has come up with extensive team support and guidance to assist students to overcome their fears with a positive approach. Being career guidance we are very particular in our plans and executions.

    We proceed by analyzing the feelings and resources of the students. Analyzing their dilemma and coming up with the exact problem-solving technique is what we do next to assure optimal results. We also guide the counselee to sink into the entire implementation process and move ahead with ethical actions. Following up is what we do to execute the final touch. This methodology makes us stand out from others.

    Career Counselling online

    Career Counselling online

    Give direction to your career with Online career Counselling after graduation

    Graduation is a basic study required to push your career on a path of growth. With substantial options available to progress the career students often seek guidance heeding whether to continue with studies or apply for a job, change the stream, and what not! It may seem that you are a bit early or a bit late in developing your career, but the guidance of a career counsellor will make sure you are in the right place at the right time with the most rightful knowledge.

    Online career Counselling after graduation by Sanjeevani is based on examining all the possibilities of career growth. Working with Sanjeevani has made tremendous graduates opt for the exact choice of a further degree, certification course, or employment assistance at ease. To go for a job may be the aim but the ways to reach there are enormous and Sanjeevani works to opt for the precise one.

    Leave the stress behind with our Online career Counselling for working professionals

    Why career Counselling online is essential for working professionals? Along with the students and graduates, working professionals also commence wrong decisions that can lead them to a downpour in Careers. Sanjeevani has been serving professionals by letting ta hem know where they lag and areas they can improvise.

    Corporate professionals often face a lack of confidence and anxiety in their career path. Our trained professionals comprehend your weakness by taking a personal interaction session. The session with the professional trainers aids the employees comfortable to let out their insecurities. Analyzing the doubts and downfalls of professionals our team members guide them to the ways to advance their approach and brush up on their existing skills. Our online career Counselling for working professionals has been numerous professionals understand their issues and resolve them with the best possible practices.

    Career Counselling online

    Career Counselling online

    Gift yourself with an Online career counsellor and bring out the best in you!

    Sanjeevani works in collaboration with tremendous schools and corporate firms to aid the respective members with all the decent practices to achieve the heights of success in their respective careers. We aim to serve a huge population with a clear and direct approach towards progressive success. Online career counsellors guide numerous employees, students, graduates, and other career aspirations to lead a healthy and successful career path.

    The employee needs a morale booster from time-to-time to ensure smooth and effective functioning. Our career counsellors are guided by a team of expert psychologists and are eminent in their functioning to let employees realize they are led down skills and boost up their enthusiasm to a great level and assist them in the productive display of their work. Opting for a career counsellor will prove to be of great assistance for corporate at diverse levels.


    Dr. Kumar Career Counselling Services

    Check all our services to see why our great students keep hiring our consultancy services. Our services like: FAMILY Counselling, PERSONAL Counselling, PRE-MARITAL Counselling, SENIOR CITIZEN COUNSELLING, PSYCHOLOGICAL counsellor, CAREER COUNSELLING X/XII

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    How Sanjeevani Career Guidance and Counselling Online Career Counselling Works?

    The choices that students make today, shape their tomorrow. With the right Counselling, students get the perfect roadmap for success.

    As they say, choose a career that is not only challenging but equally enjoyable too.

    With our carefully crafted online career Counselling solution, students step into a future that is promising, full of opportunities, and blissfully satisfying. Here’s how our online career Counselling works:

    • 1Step: Complete and submit an online questionnaire

      Online Career Counsellor

      The first step is simple and this is all that is needed to create a sure-success career roadmap. The questionnaire is covertly designed i.e the test in no way reveals what it measures. It is only after an in-depth assessment that an individual student's distinct personality traits are revealed, which leads us to step 2 of the process.

    • 2Step: Unbiased Psychometric Assessment

      Online Career Counsellor

      To accurately figure out the right career path for students, we have the most advanced and comprehensive psychometric assessment. Our scientific analytics solution makes an unbiased assessment of students' behavior, emotional strength, interests, and skills.

    • 3Step: Report Evaluation

      Online Career Counsellor

      Finally, the assessment report is cross-checked by our expert team of certified and experienced professionals. Our experts follow the best practices to ensure that the assessment is valid and reliable.

    • 4Step: Counselling

      Online Career Counsellor

      After all assessment checks are complete and insights gathered, our career counsellors guide the students in choosing the career that is best suited to their strengths and interests. The career counsellors make an unbiased review of the assessment reports and ensure students make an informed career decision.

    Why Opt for Online Career Counselling?

    Career choice is one of the most important decisions in life. Students must make an informed decision. Online career Counselling helps students escape the herd-mentality and choose the career that they want and are passionate about.

    • Escape herd-mentality
    • Make stress-free choices
    • Get guidance from experienced mentors
    • Make an informed decision with full confidence
    • Choose a career that fits the students' mentality and personality


    Why Choose Us?

    • Most advanced Psychometric assessment test
    • Assessment against 100+ traits
    • Comprehensive assessment of personality, interests, skills, and preference
    • Expert and experienced counsellors
    • All-round support till the time you start your first day at college


    Process of Online Career Counselling

    • Sign up on
    • Take the online aptitude, personality and interest test. ( No preparation needed, No Subjects related questions.)
    • Pick a Package / Make online Payment ( Using Debit Card/ Credit card/ Wallets etc.
    • Get career counselling session ( Through phone / skype / In person)
    • Get 30+ pages career/ course recommendation report ( Stream Choice after 10th / Course Choice after 12th / Career Choice after 12th )
    • Get information on colleges and entrance exams for various options
    • Get online support for 12 months for further queries.

    How Career Counselling can help?

    Career Counselling can be of great help to today's young generation and their parents. Career Counselling can help them find those courses or careers where they can really excel and be extra-ordinary performers. Infact, as per a recent Bupaworld survey, almost 80% or more people in workplaces today feel stressed out because they are career misfits. To avoid such a scenario, career counsellors first find out the real Inherent talent of the student using standardized and reliable Aptitude Test. The Aptitude scores reveal the inherent strength profile of the student. Using the same, the Career Counsellors give guidance to the students about their future course of action.
    • Career counselling can help you choose the right stream after class 9th 10th
    • Career counselling can help you choose the right course after 12th.
    • Career counselling can help you plan your career, like if you don't make it to you first course choice, what is the alternative path.
    • Career counselling can help you choose the right course / career after graduation.
    • If you have already completed graduation and have work experience and are thinking about career change / higher education, Career counselling can be extremely helpfull.
    However as mentioned above, the biggest problem today is that there is a huge shortage of good and credible Career counsellors. While there are many who masquerade as Career counsellors in many cities and towns; however they are not true career counsellors, most of the times their objective is to get the personal information about the student and then somehow persuade them to take admission in second grade colleges and universities. It is here that Online Career Counselling comes to the benefit of the students and parents.

    Advantages of Online Career Counselling

    Online Career Counselling provides the biggest advantage of making highly credible career counsellors accessible to all the students and parents without the limitation of geography. That is even if the student and parents are geographically far away, still they can get Quality Career Guidance when they take online career Counselling from a reputed and credible Online Career Counselling provider. Here are the distinct advantages of Online Career Counselling:
    • Online Career Counselling allows a student to take the Aptitude Test from the place of his/her own choice. One need not travel to another city or town for taking Career Assessment Test. All that one needs is a good, workable internet connection.
    • The results of the Online Career Test is usually in the form of Comprehensive Report that lists the students Aptitude Profile and Personality Profile as well as provide the recommendation for future Career Path.
    • Guide My Talent also provide a very interactive dashboard to the student. This dashboard graphically provides the Inherent Strength Information and other details to the student
    • For those who wish to have a personal interaction with the Expert Career counsellors, they do get an option to either speak over phone or skype or use any other online hangout / chat feature to interact.

    More about Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Assessment

    At Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling, we follow a very unique method towards providing Online Career Counselling We belive that the most important step towards finding ones' BEST SUITED career or course is to first find the Real Inherent Strength pattern in the individual. This Real Inherent Strength pattern is mapped in terms of ones' Aptitude, Personality and Interest profile using our proprietary MyTalent Psychometric Assessment. This Assessment is an outcome of extensive Standadization and Validation process done on a large population of Indian Students across different economic conditions and geographies. The results of this assessment gives our experts a very good idea about the Aptitude Combination and Personality Combination of the individual. They then give their recommendations (which are there on their dashboard as well as in the form of comprehensive reports) and provide them with very comprehensive Online Career Counselling.

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  • Well known career counsellor since last 15 years in North India
  • 1500 Articles has been published in national news papers upon various career
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  • Thousand of students are getting benefits after taking counseling.
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  • The career which you/your parents are thinking best may be worst tomorrow.
  • The career which you/your parents are thinking worst may be best tomorrow.
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