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Career Counselor

Sanjeevani Career Guidance Academy is a team of career counselors/ psychologists/ philosophers/ authors/ senior retired judicial officers/experienced educationists/ lawyers (matrimonial counselors)/ senior medical & health professionals who have work experience with UNO. Dr Kumar is a well known and respected Career Counselor/Life Coach/Happiness coach/ Mentor/Teacher/Psychologist/Author/ Philosopher and career columnist in India. All types of counselling are his passion. Till now he has done more than 12, 000 counselling (career/psychological/family /Personal). He is a certified Dermatoglyphics expert by Marcus Leng (Malaysia) from The International Institute of Holistic Minds.

He is popular among school students, engineers, doctors, job seekers, graduates, private sector employees, married couple who are always curious to take an appointment with him. He is expert in understanding any one’s problem with heart and providing practical solution upon their souls.

He did his post graduation & graduation in Medicine. He is graduated in Journalism/Counselling/Psychology and MBA from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He is a Holistic Healer/Life Coach of a person. He is a Reiki & Spiritual/Psychology Healer of any problem in life. MBA (H.A).

He is most popular career counselor and life coach among students in North India. The students who want to choose right career stream /Govt job/ study abroad/ Pvt Sector / business are eager for his guidance and his skills upon Civil Service after 12th / graduation is tremendous. He has been working as a career counselor with different National Print Media/ National Electronic Media like All India Radio, FM Radio, TV, Zee Maudhara channel etc.

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Corporate Trainer

Mr. Anil Sharma is a respected counselor & trainer in the field of personality development, corporate training and self- development. He is registered with the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists and has more than ten years of experience in organizing self-development & soft skills training. He has done post graduation in Clinical Psychology, English literature as well as MBA in HR. He is trained from Innsbruck University, Austria for soft skills development among adolescents. He is also a passionate motivational speaker who has given speeches and seminars for corporate, school students and teachers.

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Channel Partner Delhi

In 2015, Gurnandan Singh and Jasbir Kaur envisioned a dream of producing a successful nation by making the process of education simpler. People have the ability to excel in their field of passion and the drive to make a contribution to the desired space. The only person stopping them is they themselves. With the enormous support from the society, they then came up with the concept of IMBO. At IMBO, we help you harness your passion and make it work in perfect sync with your brain. Using the latest brain optimization techniques, we enhance the whole brain development to make sure that the creatively inclined right-brain is connected to the highly analytical left-brain, establishing total balance between the two. We are professionals with a Cumulative experience of 100+ years from the fields of child welfare, overall behavioural, physical development & well-being.

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Channel Partner Indore

Dr. Chetan Raikwar is a Career & Business Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Mind Trainer. He is one of the Founder members of Urja-Counseling & Training. URJA - Counselling & Training is an expert in Career & Business Coaching along with Unique Training Modules. The main modules are Career Planning & Guidance, Student Enrichment Program, Happy Teachers Training, Friendly Parenting, Entrepreneurship Development, Personality Development, Mind Management, Motivational Seminars, and Digital Marketing. Urja is promoted by Dr. Chetan Raikwar & Team, subject matter experts & has a panel of over 10+ Experts including PhDs, Psychologist, Career Counsellors, Digital Marketers, and Industry Professionals. He has written his first book "Atmahatya Kyun ?" with Dr. Chanchal Jain on most crucial and unsolved psychological social problem "Suicide". The book is an attempt which focuses the attention of readers on problems which cause suicide and also lists numerous solutions to avoid such critical situation.

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Career, Educational, Behavioural & Relationship Counsellor
  • MA Eng.
  • MA Clinical psycho.
  • M.Ed,
  • PhD in Value and Behavioral science,
  • Coach NLP,
  • Numerologist,
  • Trainer Time And Life Management,
  • DMIT Expert Counselor,
  • Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems
  • Verified Clinical Psychologist from University of Queensland,Australia.

Dr Pranavi luthra is a multipotentialite person.She is an edupreneur serving in the education industry from 40+ plus years being in a position of a principal as well as has also chaired the academic panel of multiple schools in NCT.She is an counselor who has guided almost 1000+ persons for attaining the best in their lives, have saved many lives by putting a seed of motivation and self confidence.She is also a numerologist and connecting numerology with dermatoglyphics for the first time ever for finding the best suitable alternatives for the people.Dr Luthra is also an author. She has pen down books for parenting/ pre schooling/ Academic manuals/ Systematic school management e.t.c.She believes that a teacher/counselor should always be a learner and she applies the same on her self. She is keen on learning new things everyday at a very decorated stage of her overall career.

Counseling is a life long process since the individual choose an occupation, prepare for it, and make progress in it. Career Counselling has to do with knowing their interest, selection of industry and job role, formation of their industrial skills and make them progress in those areas and activities and attain the ultimate aim of getting good career as per their capabilities. It is concerned primarily with helping the individual to make decisions and choices involved in planning for future career. According to us Career counseling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help to understand oneself, explore career options, and clarify and attain desired career goals. The processes of career counseling offer SWOT analysis, insight into feasible career options, guidance and support to help students to understand and manage different career, professionalism and lifestyle issues.

Objectives of counseling:

  • 1.SWOT analysis of each individual
  • 2.Goal Setting and Career Track Setting to achieve the Goal
  • 3.Facilitating multi skill ability in line to industry requirements
  • 4.Guidance for multiple career avenues
  • 5.Counseling for EQ and IQ treatment

Points for behavioral counseling:

  • 1) It helps in Increasing the person's engagement in positive environment
  • 2) It offers skills and strategies for overcoming common problems such as anxiety, depression and more.
  • 3) Helps in developing and self-enhancing beliefs for yourself.
  • 4) It helps in addressing your past with a view to understanding how your personal history may be affecting your present day beliefs and behaviours.
  • 5) It highlights prevention of relapse and personal development.

Points for Relationship counseling:

  • It will allow you think about whether your values are in sync or not.
  • It will help you to be aware about your partner's personality.
  • It will certainly trigger the sense of equality and respect towards each other.
  • It will evaluate how much effort you're making to develop and maintain your compatibility, and look at what you can do to grow it together.
  • It will allow to be vulnerable with your partner.
  • It will form some common values and high level of comfort with each other.

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  • Well known career counsellor since last 15 years in North India
  • 1500 Articles has been published in national news papers upon various career
  • So many interviews has been broadcasted upon TV & all india Radio
  • Thousand of students are getting benefits after taking counseling.
  • Q : What are various factors in reference of making our career ?

  • What is today's trend
  • What will be tomorrow's trend
  • Will it provide job satisfaction to you
  • What will be the saturation phase in particular career
  • Is your career will provide you best satisfaction in terms of Recognition/Money/Job Satisfaction
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  • We deal each query which is hindrance/ problem during your career ?
  • Best strategy for any competitive exam
  • Counselling for each confusion of life / Career / Health / Family
  • Counselling for Teenagers problems / Study Stress/ Study Counselling / Arrogant Behavior
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  • The career which you/your parents are thinking best may be worst tomorrow.
  • The career which you/your parents are thinking worst may be best tomorrow.
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