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Leading Career Counselling in Delhi

Best Career Counselling In Delhi

Career counselling helps you get to know yourself better, better understand the world of work and lead you to the most satisfying career path. Career counselors often help students choose a path on campus to achieve their career goals. But today, there are many online career guides that can help you make a difference to get you in the right direction for your new job or role.

Career Goal

Career counselling not only helps students discover themselves, but also helps them set achievable career goals. Goal setting motivates you to remove obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals. It also motivates students to balance career goals with life goals. In a way, career counselling makes students more realistic and rational.

Career Planning

Effective career planning helps students prepare for short-term and long-term goals. A good long-term career plan is essential for a successful career. The coaching consultant's job is to help students implement the program.

Future Decision

Career decisions shape a student's future identity. Counselors can help students understand different traits and decide where to look at each other after a period of time.

Why we are Best Career Counsellor in Delhi?


We focus on high quality service and guarantee your satisfaction. If a student is dissatisfied with a particular consultant, the consultant may make changes upon request.

Easy Payments

Students may pay in installments rather than once. We guarantee our clients financial stability because we benefit from low tax rates.

Quality Monitoring

Our managers monitor the quality of consulting services provided through this platform. Our team helps students and avoid confusion and trouble.

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India's no.1 and only Career Counseller, who works for Career strategy only.

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  • Thousand students are getting benefit of our Counselling.
Best Career Counselling In Delhi

Top Class Career Counselling Service in Delhi

Sanjeevani has proven to be the best online career counselling service in Delhi for students. We focus on students to help them from all over the world achieve their ambitious academic goals. Our service saves you time and money. As the leading provider of online career counselling, we do not underestimate the quality of career counselling.

For many people, the main goal in life is to build a career that gives you a sense of fulfillment and fulfillment. It's worth finding a role you love and think about, a role where you can use your skills and talents and grow at the same time.

However, solving career problems can be difficult. While many people feel trapped without knowing what job they are satisfied with, others want to change but feel unable to leave their current job. Some people may have personal or professional problems that prevent them from enjoying what they do and doing their best.

How we started Our Career Counselling Services

Sanjeevni was established with the goal of changing people's lives through counseling. Sanjeevni focuses on different aspects of counseling, including professional counseling, business counseling, behavioral counseling, educational counseling, and relationship counseling. We have a team of professional trainers, psychologists and counselling counselors supported by our research and development team to meet our clients' expectations. Sanjeevni not only offers professional talent support programs, but also provides expert advice to a variety of departments, including high school students, graduates, and professionals.

Online Career Counseling Services

Career counselling has become an integral part of people's lives as career opportunities increase. Students often ask different questions after 10th grade. This reluctance may be the result of social pressures, lack of parental counselling, a variety of career choices, ignorance of personal choices, and the effective ability of professional counselors to address these issues. .. Career counselling is important for people of all ages, but younger people can make the most of it. We provide career counselling not only to students, but also to employees choosing unsatisfactory careers. These people continue to focus on their goals and gain insight into their career direction. Counselling counselors also connect students with professionals who serve as role models for students' positive growth and development. Factors such as life satisfaction, self-efficacy, and happiness. Career counselling is very important because every job depends on satisfaction.

Educational Counselling for Professionals

Students often do not know exactly what a bachelor's degree has to offer. His strong name, peer pressure, and popularity among students led him to choose the subject. While many parents recognize the need for career counselling, some parents force their children to choose traditional careers and earn money. Career-related courses in engineering, psychology, economics, humanities, natural sciences and other fields require specialized skills.

Career Counselling Through Biometrics

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is the newest and most common method of mapping the human brain. At DMIT, customers use a fingerprint scanner to generate a report with all the details about their personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential. Studies have shown that the accuracy of this method is 85. This method is considered the most effective of all psychological tests. Fingerprint report advice clearly reveals career choices based on the student's abilities and skills.

Career Counselling by Professional Counsellors

Career Counselling is a guide that helps people learn the skills, attitudes and attitudes that are important to choosing the right career path. Career Counseling and Career Counseling after Year 12 are very important because they are important milestones in a student's life. Career counseling and career counseling are career counselling provided by a counselor to students who are unfamiliar with career choices. Career counselors in the Sanjeevni program are qualified to help students understand their natural abilities and skills and make career choices through a series of professional counseling tests such as the Talent Test and Darat.

Best Career Counselling In Delhi

How Our Career Counselling Services help You?

The decisions students make today determine their future. With the right counselling, students can achieve a comprehensive roadmap to success and choose a career that is rewarding and fun. I am happy with my luck and good luck. The mechanics of the online career guide are as follows:

Step: Complete And Submit An Online Questionnaire

The first step in creating a successful career roadmap is simple and sufficient. This questionnaire is confidential. In other words, the test does not specify what to measure. A student's personality traits will only appear after a thorough examination leading to the second stage of this process.

Step: Unbiased Psychometric Assessment

We perform the most advanced and comprehensive psychological assessments to help students find the right career path. Our scientific analysis solutions provide an unbiased assessment of student behavior, emotional strength, interests, and abilities.

Step: Report Evaluation

Finally, the assessment report is verified by an experienced team of experts. Our experts follow best practices to ensure that your assessment is valid and reliable.

Step: Counselling

After completing all assessments and gathering ideas, a career counselor will help students choose a career that best fits their strengths and interests. Counselling counselors objectively evaluate the certificate and enable students to make sound career decisions.

What are the Benefits of online Career Counselling?

  • Key benefits of e-commerce are time-saving features, ease of use at the doorstep, 24/7 availability, and easy availability of customer information and feedback.
  • Online career counselling can save you time because you don't have to book or make an appointment with a counselling counselor. Scheduling an appointment is like calling a labor specialist.
  • No need to wait, just call a career counselor in real time and everything is possible. Rather than wasting time by visiting the counseling center, visit the career guide and ask questions. Psychometric performance can be assessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They are always available if you need customer service support. Comprehensive information about products and processes is available on the website, so you don't have to talk to anyone.
  • Customers can also rate and comment on 5 expert consultants like uber.
Best Career Counselling In Delhi

Process Of Online Career Counselling

  • Sign up on
  • Take the online aptitude, personality and interest test. ( No preparation needed, No Subjects related questions.)
  • Pick a Package / Make online Payment ( Using Debit Card/ Credit card/ Wallets etc.
  • Get career counselling session ( Through phone / skype / In person)
  • Get 30+ pages career/ course recommendation report ( Stream Choice after 10th / Course Choice after 12th / Career Choice after 12th )
  • Get information on colleges and entrance exams for various options
  • Get online support for 12 months for further queries.

Why we are Best working Professional Counsellor in Delhi?

Sanjeevani Career Counseling offers online career counseling with a truly unique approach. We believe the most important step in finding the best career path or career path is finding the right path first. A model of the true innate power of the individual. This model of true innate power is built using My Talent's psychometric assessments based on profiles of interpersonal skills, personality, and interests. This assessment is the result of an extensive standards and validation process conducted with a large number of Indian students from different economic situations and geographies. The results of this assessment show that our experts have a very good picture of the combination of a person's skills and personality. We then provide advice on dashboards and full reports, and comprehensive expert advice online.

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  • Well known career counsellor since last 15 years in North India
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  • The career which you/your parents are thinking best may be worst tomorrow.
  • The career which you/your parents are thinking worst may be best tomorrow.
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